Our Services

  • Financial and banking law

    The firm has gained a high level of expertise in the field of banking and finance law, in all its branches, being appointed as legal trustee of nationally important credit institutions, as well as local banks.

    The direct knowledge of the internal decision-making processes of credit institutions, allow the Firm to represent a solid point of reference also for businesses and individuals, for the management of relations with banks, with particular reference to the renegotiation of financial exposure.

    In the judicial field, the Firm provides its assistance in cases relating to disputes - active and passive - of all banking contracts.

  • Bankruptcy law and business crisis management

    MCD LEGAL is one of the main firms in the sector in the area, appointed as lawyer for hundreds of insolvency proceedings (bankruptcies, arrangements with creditors, extraordinary administrations) in the Triveneto Courts.

    The highly qualified experience acquired and the constant dialogue, always open with all operators in the sector, allows the Firm to provide its consultancy in all aspects related to the business crisis, including being legal advisor in arrangements with creditors, debt restructuring and recovery plans; this role, played positively in primary procedures ,has allowed the company to overcome the state of crisis.

    The Firm has acquired specific expertise in the context of corporate acquisitions and insolvency, also through the so-called bridging company rentals, assisting in numerous bankruptcy receivership transactions, commissioners and liquidators, entrepreneurs and individuals, both in the sale and purchase phases.

  • Company law

    MCD LEGAL offers its consultancy alongside the property and its management at every stage of the business, providing assistance tailored to the specific core business of the Client.

    For years, the Firm has represented corporate and multinational groups, but also medium and small businesses, also through collaboration with their respective trade associations, offering highly qualified protection in all types of corporate, judicial and extrajudicial matters.

    The Firm offers its consultancy in the legal aspects related to all extraordinary corporate transactions, including those of acquisition, sale and M&A.

    The Firm has also acquired primary experience in the field of corporate liability actions, with particular reference to those carried out in the context of insolvency, both representing the Bodies of the Procedure, and defending directors, statutory auditors and auditors.

  • Civil business law - commercial contracts

    MCD LEGAL provides out-of-court and litigation assistance in all areas of civil law, with particular reference to business and commercial contracts, assisting the entrepreneur in every phase, from the negotiation and stipulation of the contract, up to the pathological one deriving from the non-fulfillment of a of the parties.

    In the sector relating to family law (separations and succession), the consultancy extends to related corporate events, when family assets include companies, businesses and family businesses

    The firm has also acquired consolidated experience in the field of insurance law, successfully supporting its clients in compensation and indemnity disputes against insurance companies, with main reference to business and corporate events.

  • Industrial Law

    MCD LEGAL, also by virtue of the proven collaboration established for years with Studio GR (Giove-Richichi) with offices in Rome, Milan and Padua, assists its customers in the protection of intellectual and industrial property.

    MCD LEGAL has also been collaborating for years with leading trademark and patent engineering consultants, real leaders in the sector at national level.

    The Firm provides assistance both in litigation and in out-of-court matters regarding licensing agreements, patents, business secrets, trademarks and domain names, copyright and unfair competition.

    The Firm has also acquired specific expertise in the context of the acquisitions of industrial rights in the context of insolvency, both to protect the Procedures in liquidation operations, and to represent entrepreneurs in purchase transactions.

  • Corporate criminal law

    MCD LEGAL, also by virtue of the proven collaboration established for years with the lawyer Simone Guglielmin, takes care of the defense and representation of clients, individuals and legal entities, at all stages of the criminal proceedings, with particular reference to crimes committed in the context of business, financial and Public Administration activities.

    The Firm has also assisted the Curators in numerous insolvency proceedings, regarding: obtaining precautionary criminal measures, instrumental to the reacquisition of important insolvency assets (real estate and corporate compendiums); the review of precautionary measures suffered by insolvency proceedings (in particular conservation seizures aimed at confiscation for tax crimes), obtaining their revocation; the establishment of civil parties in criminal proceedings concerning bankruptcy crimes committed by corporate bodies.

  • Labor law and trade union relations

    With a view to completing the range of legal consultancy services for businesses, the Firm, also by virtue of the proven collaboration established for years with the main labor consultants of the Triveneto, has also gained over the years a solid competence with regard to the profiles labor law, both in litigation and out of court.

    In particular, due to the numerous acquisition and sale transactions of corporate and corporate compendia followed, also in the context of corporate restructuring processes, the Firm has constantly assisted Entrepreneurs and Curators in the mandatory consultations and trade union negotiations over the last ten years. The Firm has also assisted Entrepreneurs and Curators on special legislation that regulates the matter, in all the relative phases, up to the signing of agreements with the workers' union workers.